Toxic Productivity

Have you been putting your work first above all else? Whether it’s helping you cope with the stress of a global lockdown, or if you’ve managed to attach your self-worth to your hustle, toxic productivity might be the reason why things may be more overwhelming than usual.

Surviving, self-care, and wellbeing are more important than any level of output currently, and you should never, ever feel bad for prioritizing yourself. Manage toxic productivity with this month’s articles below.

What is toxic productivity and how we can avoid it?

It is an obsession with work where more matters, even if the quality is not exactly great.

And the worst part is, it can be so overwhelming, that we can only see our self-worth when attached to the amount of work we are doing.

This is how you avoid it.

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How to heal and manage your toxic productivity

If you’ve determined that you are one of the many suffering from a sense of toxic productivity right now, you’re not alone. It doesn’t have to stay this way.

There are lots of things you can do to have a healthier relationship with your need to be productive, including setting realistic goals, practicing mindfulness and defining boundaries.

Read the instructions on how to accomplish this.

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The Productivity Paradox

When we obsess over our level of productivity too much, this can generate a cycle of ‘productivity for its own sake’ that is harmful to the individual.

This video analyses why the individual’s self-worth has increasingly become aligned with their level of ‘productivity’, as well as why this culture has emerged, with reference to the ideas of Michel Foucault.

Stop Putting Toxic Productivity Before Your Mental Health

If you’re out of balance, and productivity is coming before your health, friendships, and relationships, you’ve leaned too far towards toxic productivity.

Here’s how to prioritize your mental health before burning out.

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