Frequently Asked Questions

  • Membership benefits include all chapters and circle meetings, full access to the digital directory and Facebook private group, and free or discounted tickets to social events.
  • Membership includes the cost of lunch in-person at home chapter meetings, as well as appetizers at happy hours.
  • Dues are $1,000 annually for for-profit members.
  • Nonprofit members receive a discount and pay $500 annually.

Each chapter is run by an INFLUENCER selected based on their unique ability to gather individuals around a central mission and influence the spheres of discussion around a central topic.

INFLUENCERS are supported by their LEADERSHIP CIRCLE, a group specifically focused on meeting the membership goals of each chapter by offering educational opportunities, creating membership events and overseeing the collaboration among the group.

INFLUENCERS drive the energy and check in with members periodically.


All homebase meetings are during lunch time or happy hour. Please see the events calendar for more details.

405 – every second friday
5 – every third wednesday
210 every fourth tuesday
101 N – every fourth Thursday
101 S – TBD

  • Homebases are grouped based on the region of the city and named after local freeways. If you’ve been part of other networking groups or associations, you may recognize our homebases as what’s also called a “chapter.” Members are assigned to a homebase according to their region of service. Being part of one homebase doesn’t affect a member’s ability to guest at other homebase meetings.
  • Currently, there are homebases established in multiple parts of Los Angeles including:  405, 5, 210, 101 N and 101 S.
  • Cities covered in these homebases include Glendale, Pasadena (East and West), Encino, Century City, Woodland Hills, the Westside, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, and Westlake.

Members of The Exchange are forward-thinking professionals building businesses across many different industries. Members are collaborative, creative, authentic and growth-driven. They have established businesses providing legal, financial, professional, creative, technical, and philanthropic services to Los Angeles and beyond.

All members are carefully recruited, cultivated and matched to the “homebase” chapter of their choice. Currently, we do not offer “category exclusivity” but we work hard to create balanced groups that ensure all members’ specialties and expertise bring a unique resource to their chapter.


Networking is evolving. Once the realm of ambitious entrepreneurs, networking somehow turned into boring breakfast meetings, more-elaborate-than-necessary lunches, and the same 20 people sitting around a table. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, things have changed, along with society and our normal way of working. Drastically. And, we believe, for the better.

Networking done right can help to propel a business to the next level in name recognition, community relationships, and, ultimately, profits.

But we’re aiming to do more than that.

Sure, you can sort through your rolodex (some of our members know what this is), browse through your LinkedIn list or do a quick Google search to find the right people to help you. But when it comes to the challenges of running, and growing your business, are you willing to trust the same list of contacts with helping you achieve that next-level success?

The Exchange is a collaborative community of business professionals who find themselves in an active growth stage in their business. Whether they are building their book of business, hiring their first employee, hitting their first million in revenue, or scaling up, business owners can find themselves facing the same challenges, opportunities and threats across many industries and levels of experience. Through regular meetings, success alliance meetings, panels and a digital community experience, the Exchange can offer resources to professionals at any stage of their business.