Non-Profit Success Alliance Meeting

Non-Profit Success Alliance Meeting 20 Jan 2021 12:00 PM ZOOM Video Conference

Get to know your Non-Profit professionals as they share their knowledge and give us the 411 on everything related to Non-Profits. Join Matthew Swearman and Cecily Lerner as they launch the Alliances first meeting. 

How To Make A Love Connection

Matchmaking for Nonprofits and the people who love them ❤ 

Hey Nonprofits: Looking to Get a Little Love? 

❤Find out what members of The Exchange seek in a perfect match

❤Refine and practice your best pick-up line (AKA elevator pitch)

❤Gain tools to get the most out of your membership with The Exchange 

Hey Members: Looking to Give a Little Love? 

❤Learn more about the Nonprofit Members of The Exchange and how they're making change in your community every day 

❤Learn about how you can help during this time of urgent need

❤Get insight into how fellow members elevate their business by giving back

Let's make it a date!  See you on January 20, just in time for Valentine's Day!



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