July 2020 Topic of the Month

You’ve made it this far without having to call it quits and resorting to fetal position in the corner of the bathroom. OK maybe you’ve already done both while dealing with this pandemic, but the other reality to acknowledge is that there’s actually no better time than now to celebrate your successes.

Whether you’ve pivoted your service offerings or maintained during lockdown, we believe you and your team should take a moment to acknowledge the wins. 

So read the articles below to learn how to celebrate this month. You deserve it.

7 Ways to Celebrate Success 

As you celebrate your success, it creates a deeper hunger to build an even stronger base and pull yourself to even greater victory and triumph.

In addition, you will raise your standards for what is possible and develop the rituals and habits necessary to make this sustainable success a part of who you are.

Are you doing any of these seven things to celebrate?

Celebrating Success in the Workplace

Employees feel appreciated when they’re recognized for their hard work and achievements.

Recognition plays a large part in employee satisfaction and employers who celebrate wins can improve morale, strengthen teamwork and make work a much happier place. This article gives some tips on how to celebrate your employees’ success

How to Celebrate Your Amazing Employees During the COVID-19 Crisis

Whether birthdays, career milestones, or going above and beyond, along with the display of incredible resiliency of so many employees, there’s always so much to celebrate with our employees.

How to celebrate employees effectively from a distance and those around you is not always easy, but it is always possible. Here are some celebration ideas for you

To Achieve Success, Start Detecting Your Small Wins

We’re bombarded with messages of bigger is better, or more is never enough.

Using smaller, more sensitive scales to measure progress allows us to detect and celebrate the small movements forward—because ultimately it’s these small steps that combine to create transformative changes.